Operation Zero Crime


Following an unwarranted attack on the newly inaugurated Immigration post at Gunjur beach by individuals believed to be speaking the Susu dialect, patrols have been conducted to clean up the beach area.

A number of 39 suspects have been arrested including some individuals identified as part of the attack and assault on the officers.

They are currently being processed for court actions.

Meanwhile, patrols are being intensified in other areas to apprehend the rest of the suspected assailants of the Gunjur Immigration post.

Members of the public who may have information useful to the investigation are encouraged to come forward.








Operation Zero Crime

The High Command of West Coast Region under the leadership of the Regional Police Commissioner, conducted a robust patrol at the Brufut and Madiana forest, amidst reports of criminal activities within and around the forest.

The patrols were equally expanded to the coastal beaches and criminal hideouts leading to the arrest of 56 suspects currently helping with investigations.

Majority of the suspects are non Gambians and as a result they are handed over to the Immigration Department for appropriate actions.


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