Commissioner Banjul Division with the Team enforcing social distancing


The Gambia Police Force and security agencies have launched operations to enforce social distancing and prevent smuggling of essential commodities as well as people illegally entering the country.

To avoid clashes with security, please consider the following.

1.Àvoid crowding at markets, car parks, Attaya Vous, Junctions, football fields, beaches, and all non-essential public places.

2. Observe physical distancing and follow professional health guidelines for personal hygiene.

3. Call 1025 to report individuals who illegally entered into the country.

4. Cooperate and comply with the emergency powers regulations and support law enforcement in preventing the spread of Covid19 in the Gambia.

NB: A person who breaches a provision of the regulations on closures and restrictions of non-essential public places, commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine of ten thousand dalasis.


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