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The Gambia has contributed peace keeping in conflict affected countries and has succeeded in establishing peace in Sierra Leone, Angola, Kosovo and Liberia. Key Positions handled by Gambians Mission areas are clear manifestation of our outstanding performance and high level of professionalism. Positions such as assistant internal affairs, member join Operation Center, Commander mobile task policing, head of communication unit, head of induction, motor traffic office, coordinator, community policing centers, team leaders and host of other responsibilities are handled by Gambians .This has earned respect, pride and honor for the Gambian peace keepers. On the other hand, the ethical behaviors of Gambians cannot be hundred percent certain but recognized for quality service delivery both by member countries and the local people. In Darfur for example the local people referred to Gambians as “Kou lou” Meaning everything is good.


Apart from the fact that the Gambia gains international recognition it also boost the economy through financial gain and foreign exchange earning which leads to national development. Today benefited officers could be proud of having their own compounds, vehicles and maintained the living standards of there families.
Since the mission is carried out along side with police officers from other counties our personnel are exposed and gained more experience in law enforcement. This has subsequently improved the performance back home.
It also serves as motivational drive toward attracting people from different fields of life to join the police which improve human resource capacity of the institution for excellent service delivery


A selection exercise is conducted to identify police officer with seven years working experience who are then subjected to pre-selection assessment test (SAT) which comprise driving skills , reading comprehension, listening comprehension (Audio).Successful candidates are again subjected to intensive training period to the selection Assessment Test proper (SAT) to be conducted by UN personnel competent for armed mission . Candidate that make it in the SAT proper are again taken on rigorous training on peace keeping issues for quality service delivery prior to deployment.

Peace –keeping in the mission areas

Peace –keeping in the mission areas

Upon arrival in the mission area induction training is conducted which serves as an orientation and also briefing on security situation, cultural background , code of conduct and mission mandate (Standing Procedures ) prior to re-deployment.
United peace keeping mandate differs from country to country and it could be an executive or non executive mission. Darfur for example is a non executive mission and the mandate is to monitor, observe, advice, train, build capacity, security assessment and report. To enforce this mandate means to establish an organizational structure with its headquarters in El Fasher. Then there are three sectors (North, west and south) each with team sites .Community policing center is established in each team sites to embark on pro-active patrols as a way of enforcing the mandate towards seeing a peaceful Darfur.